среда, 30 января 2013 г.

Anna Karenina

"Anna Karenina" was a top-film of this January for me. I want to be honest: I'm disappointed. Okay, it's not a complete fail but it's also not even a little success.

Film is presented like TV spectacle: curtains are opened in the beginning, chandeliers came down from ceiling, decorations are brought in and out. On the one hand, nice stroke which makes film really dynamic, background changes so fast you can't even notice it. On the other hand, film has scenes on open air. So, if you want to make a film-spectacle, make it in a proper way. No open air scenes! Otherwise it just looks very rediculously. I still remember that feeling of farce, not a Tsarish Russia.

Anna, as a film character, is an absolute hysteric, that's not what she is in a book. Keira accustomed to the role very well but I still think she is not the best candidate. I admit she is beutiful but, let's be honest, too young for Anna. I also don't like that Keira's character looks very different from all other females. They wear light-colored dresses and have their hair groomed. Anna prefer dresses in dark colors and has a curly mess on her head. These features distinguish Anna from the crowd, which is not cool at all. Feels like the film shows us slight obsession or madness of the protoganist. And that's what I do not particularly like it, because she is not mentally ill , she's just in love.

 Anna's men - a loving husband and a loving lover - look more impressive than she does. I believed in them, they do not really differ from themselves in the novel. Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Vronsky perfectly conveyed feelings of a young officer who's in love with a married woman. You should not also write off Jude Law. His Karenin is very close to Tolstoy's interpretation.

The only characters that I really liked are Steve and Kitty. Only they were idealy moved from the  book's pages on movie's tape. Levin wasn't bad too, but now, after rethinking of this scampish film, I can not stop thinking that the wedding of Levin and Kitty looks like a wedding "caused by desperation."

There is something else I liked - how the train runs through the entire film. Anna's trip to Oblonsky, worker's death under the wheels of the train, toy train of Karenins son. The fact is that this toy train appears first and all other thrains in the movie look like this one. Anna throws herself under the exact same train.

Dear foreigners, please do not make films based on Russian classic liеterature.

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