воскресенье, 6 января 2013 г.


Every fresh blog use to begin with opening article. This one is going to have it too. Opening article is a foreword, chance to tell about main targets of blog, its main topics and of cause about the author.

Target: read more books and magazines, watch more films. I can't say, that at this point of the time I'm not reading at all or, for God's sake, don't watch movies at all. No, it's not true. The thing is that I as everyone else always want more.

So, my blog is going to contain sort of review-articles (and I'm not sure about how long they will be) of films and books. It can be both old and brandnew films or books.

Time to talk about me. I'm 17, student of SPb State University of Economics. And, for some reasons I haven't been reading for a long time. Really long time. I hope this blog'll help me to fall in
love with reading. I'll be glad, if you like my blog and its content. 

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