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American Psycho

 Actually I am not nearly lover of thrillers, but I cannnot pass by  a film with Chistian Bale.

American psycho is a screen version of the same named novel of the American writer Bret Easton Ellis. Novel was published in 1991 and raised the wave of protest caused by detail scenes of sex and violence.

 Patrick Bateman (or as he names himself, Path) - the well-off resident of Manhattan. In the afternoon he aspires to be ideal: tracks his skin, never skips morning exersises, prefers to have dinner at the most prestigious restaurants of New York. At night a murderer wakes up in him, thirst of blood does not allow him to sleep. Vagabond becomes the first victim. Once Bateman wishes to help him, but then ruthlessly kills. The following prey from Patrick's hands becomes his fellow worker Paul Allen (Jared Leto). In my opinion, the scene of Paul's death is the best. And further begins a turn of absolutely senseless murders, some of which do not show at all, viewers see only corpses. Murder becomes sort of Patrick's hobby, Bateman kills people because of their negligibility, because of the hatred to them, and he really receives pleasure from killing. "American psycho" is a great film from the aesthetic point of view: contrast between the ideal world in which Patrick lives in the afternoon, and the bloody, cruel night world does it's job.

 At the very endind there comes the crisis. Patrick returns to the last murder scene (an apartment of the Paul Allen: "windows leave on park, and it absolutely precisely is more nice than mine") and does not find there anything. Neither corpses, nor any traces. Nothing at all. Final credits do not leave any hope for an explanation of this and leaves the viewer with only one question: did Patrick Bateman kill anyone or did not?

"American Psycho 2" gives an answer to the main question of Patrick's story. The book named "American Psycho" does not exist, so it is simply one of versions of progress of his story. More precisely its completion. This time the protagonist is a female. She is the girl who has killed Patrick Batetman while being a little girl. Rachel Newman (Mila Kunis) grows up with completely not maiden dream - to work in FBI and to catch serial murderers. She studies in prestigious college and has the highest mean score. Her golden ticket to FBI - working as an assistant of one of professors. There are 3 more persons apply for a position exept her. It is not difficult to guess, that all of them are going to be killed by Rachel. "I kill several people now to rescue much more then."
One of victims appears the secret lover of the professor, he runs into depression after her death and goes on vacation earlier. Thus the position of his assistant is abolished. Being assured that she was going to be  the assistant, Rachel runs into fury and kills (leads up to suicide) the professor. She also fools her psychotherapist by playing her own death.
"American Psycho 2" differs from the first part hardly more, than completely. Here there is no blood scene, as it was with Patrick when literally everything has been soiled and smeared by blood. Here there is no this wonderful misunderstanding of what is going on as it was with the first "American Psycho" and because of it, it is necessary to recognize, the second film is much worse than the first.

It is strange enough to name Rachel's story the extension of Patrick's story. Bateman was a real psychopath, he was killed because h was pleasant to do it, he did not pursue any objective, killed unjustly. Rachel kills everyone who though somehow impedes to her "schedule".

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